AliasSmith joins the pride with which Mexican spirits are made and the delightful experience of its consumers throughout Europe.

Welcome to our web site. Here you will find a short description of our purpose, services and team that everyday works with passion to bring only the best from Mexico.



15th Anniversary of AliasSmith !

December 2nd Claes Puebla Smith, CEO of AliasSmith AB, was awarded Recognition of Honour by the Embassy on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the company, for his tireless efforts to disseminate the value and tradition of Tequila and other Mexican spirits, among consumers and distributors in the Nordic countries. 15 years bringing the …

The Mexican Spirits Gala 2019

Stockholm, Sweden/Press Release/2019.12.02 The Mexican Spirits Gala is an event organized by AliasSmith AB in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico to thank and honour key decision-makers and other representatives from the HoReCa industry in Sweden for promoting and representing with excellence the gastronomic culture of Mexico. This year’s event on December, 2nd, was hosted …