AliasSmith joins the pride with which Mexican spirits are made and the delightful experience of its consumers throughout Europe.

Welcome to our web site. Here you will find a short description of our purpose, services and team that everyday works with passion to bring only the best from Mexico.



Expert Trips 2018 – Gallery

Long lasting memories from one of the most intense Expert Trips we have ever had (and we have had quite a lot!) Oct – Nov 2018 – MEXICO Experts from: Russia Sweden Norway **   Thanks for all the producers that opened their house and kitchen to us!

Tequila Fortaleza – Masterclass in Sweden.

A very limited group of people will get to taste Fortaleza Still Strength for the very first time in Sweden. Join us next Sunday  11/11 at 13:00 in Torpedvekstan Born and raised in Milan, Italy, he learned the craft of making drinks and secrets of hospitality in London from 2000 through 2006. After a short …