Viva Agave! 2019


2019 has formally begun for the bar and beverages industry. Besides our participation in ProWein in Dusseldorf we are pleased to invite our partners to our stand in Viva Agave! This is a French festival created to promote Mexican spirits and products made out of our beloved agave.

In the same way that we value the opportunity to meet with our current and future partners in the big fairs around Europe, we cherish the efforts of those that want to foster a strong and independent industry of the agave-based spirits.

Visit our booth in Viva Agave!

Viva – Agave 2019

24 – 25 march  – Hôtel 1K Paris / PARIS



Tequila Fortaleza – Masterclass in Sweden.

A very limited group of people will get to taste Fortaleza Still Strength for the very first time in Sweden.
Join us next Sunday  11/11 at 13:00 in Torpedvekstan


Born and raised in Milan, Italy, he learned the craft of making drinks and secrets of hospitality in London from 2000 through 2006. After a short stop in San Francisco CA he landed in Guadalajara MX in 2007 to start his agave and tequila quest. He is been there since. He now makes sure to advocate what Tequila Fortaleza does and how it does it, in various markets across the globe. 


Swedish National Day

June 6th is The National Day in Sweden! AliasSmith will have the day off as the rest of the country to join these celebrations. On Thursday the 7th we will be back to business.

If you want to check out more information about the historic facts behind The National Day in Sweden as well as the activities for this special date check out THIS INFORMATION.

Have a Happy National Day!

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A little bit of history: Tequila Maestro

Tequila Ambassador has an honorable ancestor: Tequila Maestro. Check out our gallery of our 2010 and 2015 galas, and if you are interested in our current education programs, check out our announcements.

Tequila Maestro 2015


Tequila Maestro 2010

Scott Baird – STHLM 18 – Photo Gallery

Scott Baird came to Stockholm as part of a European tour the first days of April. Scott is founder of the 26th in the Worlds 50 Best Bars – Trick Dog in San Francisco – he is an expert in Mexican spirits and is, in many other ways, a definitive leader in the industry.

During his visit Scott offered two masterclasses, one at YUC!, another one at Tweed, and one guest shift at Tjoget. In the masterclasses he shared his experience about Mexican culture, food and spirits with a huge knowledge, respect and admiration, which were expressed also in a series of cocktails he prepared during his guest shift while mixing with Montelobos and Ancho Reyes Verde and Rojo.

Its always a pleasure to receive Scott Baird in our hometown! Thanks to everyone at Yuc!, Tweed and Tjoget for hosting his events, to Scott for his generosity and to all the attendees for helping us in the mission to bring these amazing experiences to Europe.

Check out our gallery below!

Photos by Kristoffer Andrén for AliasSmith.


Exclusive Distribution

AliasSmith has a limited but very well-selected range of artisan spirits.

We are proud to tell that since 2004 we have been working with those who, in our and many experts’ opinion, are the best producers in Mexico. All the producers have chosen us as their representatives by agreeing long-term exclusivity contracts.  AliasSmith is thereby able to ensure security and sign exclusivity with our own customers in different markets. The long term perspective is particularly important for us and we are honored to tell that we still work with the same producers that we signed when the company started over 13 years ago.

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