Exclusive Distribution

AliasSmith has a limited but very well-selected range of artisan spirits.

We are proud to tell that since 2004 we have been working with those who, in our and many experts’ opinion, are the best producers in Mexico. All the producers have chosen us as their representatives by agreeing long-term exclusivity contracts.  AliasSmith is thereby able to ensure security and sign exclusivity with our own customers in different markets. The long term perspective is particularly important for us and we are honored to tell that we still work with the same producers that we signed when the company started over 13 years ago.

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Due to a bilateral treaty between the European Union and the Mexican government in 2011, an initiative was taken and an investment was done with funds from the EU and Mexico to stimulate the growth of exports from Mexico to the EU. The investment was administrated by an entity called PROCEI (the Competitiveness and Innovation Project Mexico-EU), led by PROMEXICO, who invited five different sectors to participate. The spirits industry got its share of the investment and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera, CNIT) administrated several initiatives such as various certification and energy optimization projects, all with the purpose to improve the competitiveness of the Mexican spirits industry and increase exports to Europe.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The end consumer and our clients have the right to and demand to know that the products we sell are produced in sustainable conditions. Most of our providers are small family-run businesses and the European CSR standards are far from being fully implemented. AliasSmith is creating processes of control and contracts that support investments and improvements towards the standard we want to achieve. Taking this seriously we have one person appointed to follow up each producer and our practices.

Members of AliasSmith have, together with the most influential leaders of opinion, when it comes to agave spirits in Europe, come together to create the Do Good Spirit initiative. Stay tuned to see some future change!

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Every now and then, we find spectacular products that have not yet been bottled. If we are able to buy them, we co-label them with the quality “Handpicked by AliasSmith” medal. The Handpicked by AliasSmith bottle is per definition always a limited edition. In some occasions we rent a space in a distillery, buy a barrel we believe will work perfectly with the juice produced at the distillery and then we let the time do the maturation work. When the perfect maturity has been reached, the product is bottled, labeled -often with a handwritten specification- and sent to those who participated in the creation of this unique product.

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AGAVISTA c pantone Consumer oriented site with vast information about noble, illustrious and admirable spirits. An open window for producers to declare the details of their process, the contents of their liquid and their social and environmental improvement promise.



Agave Spirit Awards


The agave spirits industry is growing, rapidly, and every year there are more brands arriving to the shelves. In order to help consumers to find the tastiest products and due to the fact that there was no “A” Agave Spirits Competition that made difference between different categories or agave sorts, AliasSmith launched the Agave Spirits Award in 2014. The competition attracts the foremost experts in agave spirits to a few days long session of blind tastings. The Agave Spirits Awards is a periodic event. Next competition will be  in December 2018.

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Agave Ambassador

AliasSmith launched in 2006, in collaboration with the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera, CNIT) the Tequila Maestro diploma and since then have awarded the diploma to 55 professionals that have completed the training and passed the test. The diploma has been granted by the Mexican Ambassador in different events.

Tequila is Mexico’s biggest export product with denomination of origin, for which we all are proud about, but it is not the only one. Mezcal and Bacanora are other spirits made from Agave that also have a denomination of origin and there are a few other collective brands and initiatives that are emerging.

Due to this, AliasSmith has created the Agave Ambassador diploma which is awarded to experts who have pursued a deeper training covering all the spirits made from agave with appellation of origin as well as all the other Mexican spirits worth exploring.

An Agave Ambassador has studied during three months, visited at least 15 distilleries and worked in the industry.

The first Agave Ambassadors are being trained right now.

Interested in the 2018 Agave Ambassador program? 

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AliasSmith Expert Trips







During the last 10 years, AliasSmith has organized more than 30 expert trips to Mexico for professionals. The AliasSmith Expert Trips are for professionals in the spirits industry from all over Europe that want to gain a clear insight into the Mexican spirit and gastronomical wonder.

During our trips, that last between 12 – 14 days, we visit distilleries, plantations, the best bars and restaurants and the regulatory authorities. We meet with the foremost leaders of the industry and experience the phenomenal ambiance of Mexico. The AliasSmith Expert Trips are always composed by small groups in order to arrange close meetings with the brand owners and producers. The focus is knowledge and unique experiences opening doors few people know exist. The AliasSmith Expert Trips are ambitious and we cover several regions and cities in order to learn as much as possible about the different appellations of origin. A spirits’ expert is always leading the trip and making sure everybody gets out the best of the experience.


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