About Us

The Company 

In 2004, out of a sincere love and profound admiration for the true artisan spirits of Mexico and its gastronomic culture, AliasSmith was founded. The purpose was, and still is, to educate consumers, distributors and traders about Mexico’s gastro-cultural treasures and make the products accessible to the world.

AliasSmith is distributing, what we and leaders of opinion in the industry believe is, the best Mexican spirits in 22 different countries within and around Europe, offering education and training besides arranging multiple trips for experts to Mexico every year.

The work done since the foundation of AliasSmith has created a solid ground and we know we still have ahead of us the most exciting part of our development. Being aware that the world’s population is drinking less but select more cautiously what they consume we are totally sure we are on the right track working with handcraft, organic and CSR.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know about our portfolio and services, we’ll be happy to talk to you!

The Team 

Claes Puebla Smith
Carlos Solano
Sales and Logistics
Sandra P. Zapata
Leticia Puebla Smith
Project Manager and Sales
Victoria Sverdrup Oehler
Sales Account Manager
Anders Litzen
HORECA Sales Manager
Daniela Medina Miranda
Purchase Manager and CSR
Mayra Zapata
Ivan Pérez
Project manager
Josephine Puebla Smith
Legal affairs
Gabriel Zarzosa
Nancy Lizarraga Arellano
Logistics & Custom Care
Security Manager
Sales Manager Do you have several years of experience in sales within the spirits Industry. Send us your CV right away!
Sales Manager

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