Due to a bilateral treaty between the European Union and the Mexican government in 2011, an initiative and investment was done with funds from the E.U. and México to stimulate the growth of export from México to the E.U. The investment was administrated by an entity called PROCEI (Programa de Competitividad e Innovación México-Unión Europea), led by PROMEXICO, who invited five different sector to participate. The spirits Industry got its shear of the investment and the Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera (CNIT) administrated several initiatives such as various certifications and energy optimization projects, all with the propose to improve the competitiveness of the Mexican spirits industry which was meant to result on more export to Europe.

One of the projects was to create a distribution platform in Europe in which the producers could make their products more accessible to the European market without having to sign a pan European exclusivity contract. The CNIT made an international contest to fulfill this and AliasSmith was the company that got the assignment.

AliasSmith invested 75% and PROCEI through CNIT the rest and TrustPont was created.

Today TrustPont harbors products from various houses, different spirits and other non-spirits. Through TrustPont each producer can place anything from one case or several pallets on each of every two containers that leaves Mexico every month and through the internet send orders to any customer in Europe and surrounding countries.

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